Two to Mango® Snack 6 Pack

  • $26.39

Tangy mango meets sweet basil in this healthy snack that packs an irresistible crunch! The end result? A snack you can't stop snacking on (parents included)! AND YES, the green specs/powder on the mango and in the bag is BASIL! Due to our tumbling process, some batches and mango pieces may be covered with more basil than others, which show up as green specs or powder.

NOTICE A VARIATION IN THE MANGO? Because of the minimally processed nature of our products, the mangoes may have natural variations in the color, texture, and sometimes, the sweetness. This is dependent on the fruit crops. Some mangoes may be pale yellow, others dark yellow, while some may be super sweet and others more tart! No two mangoes are exactly alike and each is uniquely delicious. 

Just three non-GMO ingredients. Freeze-dried, never fried.

Contains 2 bags of our crunchy mango seasoned with sweet basil. 

Our snacks are non-GMO verified and Kosher certified. 

We love sweet and savory flavors! But we love them separate. Fresh Bellies is creating a new generation of adventurous, healthy eaters by celebrating savory flavors and seasoning with real herbs and spices. Our freeze-dried toddler snacks focus on the development of a child’s palate, helping little ones learn to enjoy a variety of flavors for life. (And they’re so delicious parents will love them too.) Goodbye, picky eating. Hello, Fresh Bellies!