Do you test for safety and quality?

Do you test for heavy metals?

Do your snacks have preservatives in them?

Why do you use sunflower oil in your snacks, instead of olive oil or avocado oil?

Are your toddler snacks non-GMO?

What is the expiration date of your toddler snacks?

Are your products allergen free?

What is the difference between calories for a 1-3 yr old and 4 years and older?


At what age can my child eat your toddler snacks?

Will my child eat things like rosemary, cardamom, scallions, or Swiss chard?

My kid doesn’t like veggies, will she eat Fresh Bellies®?


When will my order ship?

I placed my order over the weekend, when will it ship?

Where is my tracking number?

Where is my order?