Gimme The Beet™ Snack 2 Pack

Imagine the sweet earthiness of red beets seasoned with the sprightly essence of thyme. We call it perfection. Our beet chips are delish with hummus!

Just three non-GMO ingredients. Freeze-dried, never fried. 

Contains 2 bags of our crunchy beets seasoned with thyme.

Note that our beets go through natural discoloration as a result of the freeze-drying process we use. (check out image five, beet with bullseye discoloration on the right ☺️). It is a unique process that removes all the moisture from the beets through freezing temperatures, which sometimes affects the color of beets in this way and also makes them taste extra Earthy. You can also see the ground thyme specs on every chip (pic with yellow background for reference)! All perfectly natural and very tasty.

Our snacks are Non-GMO verified and Kosher certified. Our cups are USDA certified Organic. 

INGREDIENTS: Red Beets, Coconut Oil, Ground Thyme.


We love sweet and savory flavors! But we love them separate. Fresh Bellies is creating a new generation of adventurous, healthy eaters by celebrating savory flavors and seasoning with real herbs and spices. Our freeze-dried toddler snacks focus on the development of a child’s palate, helping little ones learn to enjoy a variety of flavors for life. (And they’re so delicious parents will love them too.) Goodbye, picky eating. Hello, Fresh Bellies!