The Fun Food Crew!

Veggies Take A Stance!

One day, veggies decided they were fed up. They had been living in the shadow of fruits for far too long and wanted to show the world they did not need to hide behind fruits to be loved and appreciated. They just wanted to be veggies, pure and simple. We decided to give them the spotlight, and invited some of their favorite friends. Onions, garlic, herbs and spices all helped us create the new face of veggies; their unmasked beauty and boldness revealed. That was the day savory goodness was born and baby palates were transformed. True story.

Fruit Shares The Spotlight!

Fruit had always been the superhero; naturally sweet, easy to eat and tasty enough to disguise all types of foods, like veggies. Their super powers led to a century long tradition of masking veggies and, eventually, to a new generation of picky eaters. Wanting to change the course of future generations, fruit stepped aside to reveal bright and beautiful veggies. They knew babies had to learn to enjoy the sweet as much as the savory to become adventurous eaters, so they were happy to share the spotlight. That was the day fruit became fruit (and veggies became comfortable in their own skin).

Herbs And Spices To The Rescue!

Remember how experts used to recommend bland foods for babies? Back then, herbs and spices felt so marginalized. They knew they could play a bigger role in kids’ eating habits, but years of flavorless mush gave them a bad rap. As kids got older, families began struggling with stubborn eaters and experts began scratching their heads about the spread of picky eating. Herbs and spices knew there was a lot they could do and decided to start a flavor-lution! Their boldness proved to the world that real flavor early on meant healthier eating habits later in life (no kidding!) Rosemary, thyme, onions and scallions could finally have a place in little bellies. They make food taste good and provide important nutrients too. Hooray for garlic! Herbs and spices marched right into our kitchen that day and have become inseparable from our fruits and veggies ever since.

Adventurous Eating = Healthy Living

Eating fruits and vegetables is an important part of healthy living. Get to know some farm staples and learn how they can help you grow big and strong!

Vitamin A

Helps you see better and allows your bones to grow.

Found In:

Carrots, Dark Leafy Greens, Winter Squashes, Sweet Potatoes

Vitamin B

Gives you energy, feeds your brain, and makes your inner body stronger.

Found In:

Asparagus, Broccoli, Spinach, Bananas, Bell Peppers

Vitamin C

Fights cooties and makes your skin glow.

Found In:

Beets, Bell Peppers, Broccoli, Dark Leafy Greens, Blueberries, Citrus Fruits (like oranges!)

Vitamin D

Strengthens your bones and fortifies your teeth for a beautiful smile!

Found In:

The SUN!

Vitamin K

Strengthens your bones and protects your heart.

Found In:

Blueberries, Dark Leafy Greens, Beet Greens, Dandelion Greens


Makes your muscles grow big and strong.

Found In:

Kale, Spinach, Broccoli, Lentils, Zucchini, Asparagus


Makes your belly feel good.

Found In:

Broccoli, Brussel Sprouts, Peas, Pears, Raspberries, Split Peas, Tomatoes


Fortifies your vitals and gives you energy!

Found In:

Beets, Spinach, Asparagus, Berries, Coconut, Leeks, Scallions