9 Messy Realities That Come With Feeding A Little One

The truth is that having fun while feeding your little one is easier said than done. Between the big mess and the struggle of wills, it often feels like World War gazillion at every meal. 

We know you may not believe us when we say this, but there’s probably a lot of humor in those stressful moments, even if you don’t notice them at first. If the cameras were rolling on your life a la Kardashian style, watching from the green room would make you smile. 

Here are 9 messy realities that are frustrating in the moment, but build memories that you’ll forever want to hold onto.

The food ends up everywhere but in their mouth

Let’s start here. Somehow from the second the food is set before them they manage to spread it everywhere but in their mouths. How? This is their superpower. 

You spend more time cooking than they do eating

Nothing teaches you more about appreciating the process than feeding your little one. Meal prep takes on a whole new meaning and as you make your way around the kitchen, each day, you envision a perfect world where your toddler will eat everything without a single complaint. There's nothing wrong with dreaming!

Kiddie mealtime is your dog’s favorite time of day

If there’s one person in your family who thoroughly enjoys mealtime it's your pup. No matter the day and no matter the hour, your dog is guaranteed to have front row seats to the show that is meal time.  

Snack time vs meal time

How come you don’t have to convince your little one to eat a snack - ANY snack - but come meal time you’re back at World War gazillion!

You have a designated outfit for feeding time

You used to have a go-to dinner party outfit, now you're dressing for a food fight.


You’ve considered owning stock in bibs

In some ways you feel that the sheer number of bibs you own should already be considered an investment of sorts.  

You’ve taken more than one picture of their food covered faces

Someday this picture will go in a yearbook and it will make all of the messy meals and long cleanups worth it.

You are a sound machine now

Train sounds? Check. Airplane noises? Down pat. Baby shark theme song? Memorized on key. There is no background noise you have not mastered in order to convince your little one to keep the food in their mouth.

Litigating with a toddler is new territory

Remember when your mother used to tell you that you would make a great lawyer? Well, now you've met your match. Litigating with spit ups, feet stomps and fist bumps are definitely new territory.