Savory Yogurt

  • One Fresh Bellies We Got The Beet ™
  • One cup vanilla (or plain) Greek yogurt
  • 1/4 – 1/2 tsp chia seeds, flax seeds, sprouted buckwheat or any other favorite seed or grain
  • Good olive oil (if using plain Greek yogurt)
  • Handful granola (optional for older children able to chew)
Directions on how to make savory yogurt:
  • Serve the yogurt in a bowl (use approx. one cup to start)
  • Add half of one We Got The Beet™ cup to the yogurt
  • Sprinkle seeds/grains of choice and mix to combine
  • Taste and add more veggie puree if necessary
  • If using plain Greek yogurt (instead of vanilla), drizzle with good olive oil and mix to combine
  • Top off with a handful of granola for added texture (optional)


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