Saskia Sorrosa, The Incubator

Mommy to Alexa Luna and Isabella, Saskia grew up in a food-loving, farming family. She spent most of her childhood chugging fresh cow’s milk, eating artisanal cheeses and munching on hand-picked tropical fruit. Growing up in an earth-conscious family, Saskia was fascinated by the process of food and how it travels from nature to people’s plates.

She pursued a career in marketing building numerous award-winning campaigns over the years, but her passion for food remained. As a working mom, Saskia realized there was nothing in the baby food market that promoted savory goodness free of fruit sugars. She created Fresh Bellies as an alternative for families to enjoy nutritious, preservative-free foods while exposing babies to new flavors. Her goal is to empower parents with adventurous options that help train baby palates from the very first bite.

Nick Kennedy, The Harvester

Daddy to Guliana and Luca, Nick is a CIA-trained chef with a culinary career spanning Inn at Little Washington, Jean-Georges and Del Posto. In 2011, he did a brief stint in the Dominican Republic running a boutique hotel in Baraona. When he wasn’t hosting or cooking for guests, he was planting an edible garden that still flourishes today.

Growing up in a family of horticulturists eating from their seasonal vegetable garden, Nick’s passion for cooking and appreciation of the highest quality ingredients was honed at a very early age.  As Executive Chef, Nick ensures every Fresh Bellies flavor is as adventurous as its eaters.