Let’s Talk Flavor!

Broccoli Ever After

We took broccoli and swiss chard, added nutritious coconut milk, smashed fragrant garlic, and drizzled a dash of olive oil. Yes, really. We take real flavor very seriously.

We Got The Beet

Imagine the sweet earthiness of golden beets seasoned with the sprightly essence of thyme. We call it perfection.

Apple Of My Eye

Apples and blueberries are delicately seasoned with refreshing mint, hydrating coconut water and cooked to perfection for just the right amount of goodness.

Cauliflower Dreamin

Making a historic debut in baby food, cauliflower and bell peppers take center stage. Seasoned with garlic and thyme, this delish meal redefines baby purees.

A Pearfect Pair

Ginger meets perfectly cooked pears in this tasty combination of sweet and aromatic flavors. Pear and ginger. That’s it.

Fire It Up!

(The Fresh Bellies Difference)

Have you ever had boiled veggies? They taste just like, well, boiled veggies. But have you tried sautéed or roasted veggies? Well, that’s a different story. They’re an explosion of flavors; a little sweet, a little savory, and slightly browned with just the right amount of crunch. Veggies love being roasted. It brings out their best qualities. It is that very burst of yumminess that helps train baby palates about real flavor and good food.