Good For Baby & Training Palates

Fresh Bellies makes natural baby food that is high pressure protected, flavorful and sourced from farmers who use organic practices. Our purees are made with few ingredients, all natural, no preservatives, and our veggies are never mixed with sweet fruit. The simplicity of our recipes coupled with the use of fresh ingredients is a celebration of the Earth in every jar!

Our Mission

To create a new generation of healthful, adventurous eaters, starting with a baby’s very first bite!

Our Values

Real Flavor

Babies exposed to different foods at an early age are less likely to become picky eaters later in life. Fresh Bellies makes food that tastes like real food, and is far from bland. While we never use sugar or salt, we season our food with herbs and spices, allowing babies to develop a keen palate for flavors at an early age. We also never hide our vegetables under layers of sweet fruit. We celebrate the earthiness of beets and the sweetness of carrots. And we let fruit be fruit.

Clean Ingredients

Our purees are made with seven ingredients or less, all natural, no preservatives. Rather than sit on shelves for years, our food is freshly made and retailed refrigerated, outside the traditional baby set.


We care about the earth so we support farmers who practice sustainable agriculture. We establish relationships with our providers, understanding their practices, and tracking our food all the way to our jars.