Frequently Asked Questions

Is your baby food organic?

Yes. While we are not certified, we only use ingredients from farms that are certified organic.

How do you cook your food?

Cooking methods vary by ingredients. While we never use sugar or salt, we season our fruits and vegetables with herbs and spices to add flavor to our food. The variations in cooking and the use of fresh ingredients result in a slight variation in the color of our food. Our caramelized pears, for example, will sometimes be slightly caramel in color and other times lightly cream in color. The flavor, however, will always be amazing!

Why can’t I peel back your seal?

To ensure the safety of our product, we use a tamper evident seal on all our cups. This is the film you find under our bright lids, keeping our delicious food intact. What this means for you is that instead of pulling it off, you’ll likely have to break the film (by poking a small hole in it) to open the product and dig in!

Do your lids snap back on?

Yes! Our lids snap back on so you can store leftover food, in the fridge, for later in the day. To snap the lids on properly, just hold them directly above the cup and snap them on. Note that if you tilt the lid sideways, and try to snap them on from the side, they will not snap on! It takes some getting used to but once you snap it on, you’ll get the hang of it.

Where can we find your products?

Our products have launched at select locations in the NY/NJ/CT area. Please visit the Buy section to find a location near you. As we continue to expand our footprint we will provide updates on availability!

How many flavors do you offer?

We currently offer five flavors (two fruit and three vegetables) inspired by the essence of the seasons. We will roll out additional flavors in 2017-18.

Will my baby eat things like rosemary, cardamom, scallions, or Swiss chard?

Yes! Or at least, we hope so!

The more flavor children are introduced to when they start eating solids, the less likely it is they become picky eaters later in life. In fact, many babies will devour anything that is flavorful and tastes good when simply given the chance. Wouldn’t you?

We have seen skeptical moms pleasantly surprised when their babies cracked a smile at the taste of golden beets and thyme.

It used to be that the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommended starting with cereals or bland foods first, then veggies and finally fruit. Now, the AAP says there is no scientific evidence to prove that foods need to be introduced in any particular order. Remember, when in doubt, consult your pediatrician for expert advice.

Why is your food sold refrigerated?

We do not use preservatives or additives in our food to make it shelf stable. Instead, we use natural ingredients and preserve our tastiness using High Pressure Pasteurization (HPP). This allows us to lock in the goodness, while removing unwanted cooties. Bright, flavorful and natural; our food tastes, looks and feels like baby food should!

Why do you use lemon juice in some of your flavors?

Lemons are a Chef’s secret weapon, and if you ask us, an essential ingredient in every kitchen. Think of all the times you squeezed some fresh lemons into your homemade hummus, over roasted broccoli or sautéed asparagus. Lemon juice enhances flavors and is a natural way to preserve food! For this very reason, they show up in our kitchen too. We use 100% lemon juice (and nothing else) in some of our vegetable flavors to preserve freshness and enhance flavor. While many products out in the market use fruit sugars to preserve freshness, we never add sweet fruit to our savory flavors. We also never use manufactured preservatives like ascorbic acid or citric acid. The end result is unmasked veggies and savory goodness that is free of preservatives.